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Change default setting for auto provisioning in BRM?

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Hello Ladies and Gentlemen,

in GRC BRM mass role update, the default settings are Y for "Provisioning allowed" and Y for "Allow Auto Provisioning". Is there any way to change the default setting to Y/N for new roles and the existing settings for existing roles?

We use GRC 12 SP10, role provisioning by IDM, Firefighter by GRC, so the global setting is set to "provisioning at the end of request".

This is a request from the roledevelopment team. They have a huge workload for the S/4 conversion and hope to reduce the number of roles with wrong sttings.

Best Regards


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Answers (2)

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Hi and thank you Mohan,

theres roles are Production roles. But i think I need do specify the question.

When I change existing roles and open step 3 as shown on the screenshot, I always have Yes and Yes as default settings, but i do not see the settings that are safed with the role. To know these settings would be nice for the role-admin team.

Best wishes


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I think you might try to update the role status to "Development" or "Testing" ( Other than Production) , might this was you can get what you need.

I mean, only roles with status as "PRODUCTION" are available for user roles requests. which results in provisioning.

Please try and let me know if it worked.