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CF TF for Export data

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Hi experts, I would like to know if it is possible to make a tranformation or conversión of data when a data file is Exporting. I mean, I'm trying to EXPORT (through Data Manager > Run a data managment package > Data Managment > Export from fact table) But we need include a extra column with a constant, on the result file, and also, eliminate another column (this dimensions arent in target) I tried to use de Tranformation Command *SKIP as well as a Conversion File with External and Internal Values, but it doesn't work. And all the documentation is about Import a file, and it never regards to a Export Files. So we want to add a new column "VERSION" with the constant value "V_BAS" And eliminate the dimension (column in flat file) AUDITID Any advice? Thanxs!!!

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Hi Monica,

can you please share your transformation and conversion files?

which version are you using?