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Carryforward level not set from FI posting referred to PO

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Hi gurus,

we are facing to the following issue after upgrade to EA-PS component level 618.

Our customer use to post a GR in new fiscal year after the related PO has been forwarded to the new fiscal year with FMJ2 trx. Once the GR has been posted, they post an FI document with FB01 trx that reverse the balance of the cost account (Eg: PK 50 cost element with reference to PO, PK 40 balance sheet acc.).

In the FMIFIIT table, the field CFLEV is empty for the FI document but was fullfilled only for GR document.

Before upgrade the CFLEV field were updated with "X" in both cases (FI and GR).

I will be very grateful if you gurus can give some idea for how to resolve this issue.

Thank you very much for your time and support.



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