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BTMF Process "INACTIVE_CHANGE_OBJL" for sharing contract process type "ISTH"

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Hi Team,

I want to configure BTMF process INACTIVE_CHANGE_OBJL process type "ISTH" for sharing contracts.

I have this BTMF process "INACTIVE_CHANGE_OBJL" in my config for Activate change process and i am able see this process in inactive subscription contracts.

But in case of sharing contracts PRCC or custom PRCC, i am not able to see this BTMF process.

Am i missing any config ? Define transaction type in Process ? as of nothing is maintained in define transaction type in Process, still i am able INACTIVE_CHANGE_OBJL.

Has anyone configured any ISTH or any other BTMF for sharing contracts when it is inactive status.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Indraneel,

In general ISTH processes will be available on an inactive Contract if the preceding document is in ‘Completed’ state.

In your case I presume the preceding Order that created the Contract should still be open for changes as the Contract is not technically active yet.

You would have to make updates in the still open Order and submit the same again.

Please check if this is the case.



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Thanks , i was missing the status.

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