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BPC Script logic runtime varies from time to time

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Hi Experts,

I came across an issue that the script runtime varies across time, with only minor updates of the script on Mar 4 and no change is made after that. The old average runtime is 5-6 minutes, and turn to 8 and 12 lately. And today it took an hour to finish. May I ask if there are clues on the reason and any possible ways to fix it?

Version: [BPC 11.1] BPC4HANA 200 SP 4, BW4HANA 200 SP 4 ABAP

Thanks a lot!

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Sorry, but you are not providing any information to help you!

No script logic, no data samples, no other info...

It's like: My system is working slowly, can you help me?

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Hi Queenie,

Can you try and return it back to the script before its minor updates and see if it behaves the same? Also in your screenshot, is it all with the same data regions?



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You have very long script and you want to understand why the performance is not acceptable?

You have to execute the script in steps to find the slow code:

Comment most of the code and run!

Uncomment some block and run...