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BPC NW - Account Transformation

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I have defined the account transformation in the legal application, and copied the script logic given in the SAP documentation, which is validated OK.

However, when running the package (based on process chain /CPMB/RUNCALCACCOUNT), it is giving an error saying that no business rules have been defined.

Has anyone encountered the same problem?



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Answers (2)

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HI Begonia,

As you said that if you have done Modify Appl-->Selecting Business should refelect in your application then you go the Those Rules and give the parameters then it will work..

If the rules are not reflecting in your application then you should think you hav't had Rules and problem continues..



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In addition to Script logic and the calls from script to initiate the business rules, you need to make sure your application has been built with the Business Rule tables turned on (via application setup, modify, change application tyre) and then you need to Set-up the business rules in the Admin console by each application. Each business rule table is specific to the application and the set of dimension members in the application. Once the rules are built in the tables, I would suspect this will then eliminate your error.

Hope this helps.

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Hello Daniel,

Thanks a lot for your reply. I have checked in the application sets and the option CALCULATION is set to 1, therefore I think this should be OK.

Also, in the Admin Console, application --> modify --> change application type, the option Calculation is flagged.

Then business rules and script logic have been re-created, but still have the same issue.

What am I missing?