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BPC NW 7.5 SP03

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Hi All,

Can please help:BPC 7.5 NW SP03

There is an issue with the Data Manager Package /CPMB/EXPORT_TD_TO_APPL

(Export Transaction Data to App Server). This package creates an

export file which is saved to the BW server. The problem is that an

incomplete number of records are created when multiple months or a

large amount of data is selected in the export. Also, the performance

of the export package is extremely slow.

Here are a couple examples:

Record Count

When I create an export file from the EXPENSE_POSITION application and

select 2010.FEB, the correct number of records are generated: 35,254.

When I run the same export but select 2010.FEB – 2011.JAN, there should

be 423,048 records created. But, the export file only contains 19,656

records. Attached is an Excel file that provides results for a variety

of time selections.


An export from EXPENSE_GL was run selecting GOAL for 2010.FEB for all

cost center and accounts. The job took over 6 hours to run for just

one month! Should also have exported 300,000+ records, only 22,538

were included in the extract.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Sri,

Unfortunately, I couldnt see the attached excel sheet. However, I would suggest you to report this crisis to SAP.

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I am seeing the same slow performance. Was your issue resolved by SAP? If so, can you share the secret?



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