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BPC Distribution Templates - how to update using ABAP ?

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Hi guys, please can anyone help.

We want have Distribution templates that get updated with New Entity master data, and this gets sent out to those not online with BPC.

I have managed to get the specific Distribution templates from the \ROOR\WEBFOLDERS\APPSET\MODEL\EEXCEL\PDBOOKS folder and read a specific template, which is held as a XLXT file, into my program using the Class method cl_fdt_xl_spreadsheet->if_fdt_doc_spreadsheet~get_itab_from_worksheet( lv_woksheetname ).

i.e. I get an itab which contains all the entries on the Distribution Template, and I can see the Entity entries together with email addresses who will be part of the Distribution.

I have updated the itab containing the excel information, with the new Entity entries together with the corresponding email addresses.

Now I want to put this back into the \ROOR\WEBFOLDERS\APPSET\MODEL\EEXCEL\PDBOOKS\Specific Entity file with the updated information.

I have tried debugging the ABAP for when a Distribution template is changed and Saved back to the database but I have become lost.

Any help out there ?


Mark Dean

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