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BPC Back up Job intermittently failing with error

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Hi All,

We have BPC Backup job running in our system with UJT_BACKUP_RESTORE_UI as the program and variant as shown below.
This job is getting fails intermittently with error as - 'Failed to download file to target destination' as shown below.

The failing of BPC Backup job happens intermitently , sometimes the job completes successfully and sometimes the job fails with the error as mentioned above

We asked the team to check the corresponding server that is specified in download directory name , but they said there is no issue with the destination server.

We are not able to check if this issue is related to job that we are runnning or whether it is related to destination server where the back up file is getting placed.

Kindly advise us why this issue is happening.

Note : This job works perfectly fine with other server

Thanks & Regards,

BPC team

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