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[BPC 11.0] user defined dimension in ownership model

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Hi all,

I have a requirement to add a user-defined dimension (CYCLE) to my ownership model.The idea is that for plan data, where we have a 3 year planning cycle (and hence plan every period 3 times), we have a user-defined dimension to separate the different versions.

Example: in 2020 we plan the years 2021, 2022 and 2023 in the PLAN category. In 2021 we then plan 2022, 2023 and 2024 in the PLAN category. The requirement is not to override the 2022 plan data entered in 2020 when entering the new plan data in 2021.

I have made a copy of an existing environment which has just the standard dimensions (same as the environment shell) in the ownership model. The consolidation works fine in this source environment. In the copy I have added the user-defined dimension (CYCLE) to the rate and the ownership model. The currency conversion still works fine, but since currently all entities report in € we do not really use it. All conversion methods are defined with [COPYLC].

For the consolidation I have data against two members of my user-defined dimension, CY_NONE and CY_05.2021. The only way I was able to enter this data was via an XL schedule, the ownership manager does not use the user-defined dimension but only shows the data added together for all elements of the dimension. So in my case it shows methode 200 instead of 100 for a subsidiary, 202 instead of 101 for a holding etc.

For both those members I also have entity level data in the consolidation model and rates in the rate model. I have changed the consolidation script (*RUN_PROGRAM CONSOLIDATION) to include OTHER = [CYCLE=%CYCLE_SET%] and in the data manager package I have added a prompt for the user-defined dimension. The data manager package runs through without an error or a warning but does not create any rule based adjustments. It writes data on input level onto EUR with the selected scope but no values for any eliminations.

The user guide ( for BPC 11.0 says

Additional (user defined) dimensions can be added to the MAIN InfoProvider (such as product,
market, or division), as desired. The consolidation engine can recognize their
existence and take them into account in the process, and apply custom behavior to
their members.

Does this mean that I can add dimensions only to the consolidation model but not the other two?


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To my mind it's better to have multiple PLAN categories!


We have used this approach for years...