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Best design approach. From bw transformations to IP fox formulas.

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Our client has some power users who are able to use RSA1 transaction, run infopackages and DTPs to some infocubes.

User’s target is to load/transform some data from one infocube to another.

The core abap code/logic is stored in the transformations built between infocubes.

This process is usually executed in some steps previously arranged. So there is a pseudo data flow that user/business knows and follows.


We are working on SAP BW 7.5 ON HANA.


To take advantage of HANA performance and speed.

To develop a Business Administration Cockpit to allow users to manage all these steps from one single application. Ideally users will know after every step if everything went fine and will continue with the next step using the same application”

Avoid users to work with RSA1 transaction: We want to avoid users to have to delete requests when something goes wrong and to have to use “manage infocubes” to review if data load was correct or not.


Write IP Planning functions replacing the current Abap code stored in the transformations.

Use as much as possible Fox formulas to be able to push code into HANA.

Use as a main framework or application Design Studio. The idea is to show or provide some buttons step by step where users can launch the ip planning functions and know if everything goes correct receiving a confirmation message or a list of detail messages explaining what was wrong.


Do you know any best practices recommended by sap in order to change all the abap code from transformations and use IP planning functions? What about using Fox formulas? Do you know any best practices published by sap? Is it at all the good way that we are trying to approach – get rid of transformations and replace them with Planning Functions?

Would you recommend Design Studio as a main framework/application to be used for running IP planning functions? Do you see better alternatives to Design Studio?

What do you think is a better option, Analysis for Office using planning functions or Design Studio? Or perhaps is a better idea to stay with existing ABAP transformations?

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