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BCM in BNK_APP Payment Approvers are not appearing

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I have configured BCM for client. Payment Approvers have been created and in responsibility node they are shown in green. After made Payment Run in F110 . I created Payment Batch in FBPM1 and BNK_MONI . When I go for approval in BNK_APP no Approver appears. Workflow consultant says Workflow is proper .I am trying hard for the same. Please help

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Hi Rajeev,

Please, refer to the recommendation from KBA 2775947 BCM: Batch is not in Approval List in BNK_APP.

Also, check that the BCM workflow configuration is done following instructions of note 1041016.

From FM BNK_API_CHECK_WI, you can check if the WI has been created. If it has not been created, Use transaction BNK_BNK_INI_REL01 and check if, Release procedure 'Dual control' ('01') is marked for 'Always.

Hope this info helps.