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Automating Download Data File in BPC

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I need the Download Data File option to be automated such that it never asks the User for Input file and output file location. My Input file and Output file locations will not be changed.

When the User clicks a button, the file must be downloaded without any prompts.

Is there a way to Automate the Download Data File Option Provided in the Manage Data Options tab of SAP BPC to acheive the above mentioned requirement.

Is this possible using VB Macros or any other options?

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Dear AparnaV,

As I know, the SAP BPC never provide the tool or package which can automatically download file from server into the local computer. The user have to set the source directory and destination directory. I have suggestion that you can use the VBA or command dos script and will automatically run using Window schedule. You can find the folder which SAP BPC used for save the data file in the directory "<drive>:\BPC\Data\Webfolders\<appset>\<application>\DataManager\DataFiles\"