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Automatic distribution of shipping relevant documents

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Good day SAP experts.

I am looking for a possibility to distribute relevant shipping documents automatically. My research on the net for the same question or for an addon which delivers the requirement was not successful.

base information: we are fully integrated in SAP, we use S4, EWM and GTS

the best case should look like this:

A shipment is booked as delivered, commercial invoice/proforma, delivery note, way bill, export decleration is existing. If all these documents are created and conditions are fulfilled (example: forwarder is DHL) then send all documents in one PDF to DHL.

Or send the documentation to the local warehouse or print it on a defined printer

Current situation:
we create all documents based on a booking automatically, but the collecting all documents and print it takes us a lot of time.

Did anyone have the same issue or thought about a solution?

Thank you all in advance.


Necip uysal

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I think this requirement can be meet. we are using a customized solution for document printing/email/...

For your requirement , I think you can consider to config communicate message for this event. and use incompletion check to check the doc existing. I would suggest to compress the different PDF into one zip file and send as attachment in email

I can image it's not a simple change but could be done.



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Good day Gang Wu,

thank you for your reply. This is an interesting way to solve this issue. So in your mind it could be possible to use the standard functionalities. We only would need to add an extension using an incompletion check and compress the files afterwards in a cloud or maybe with zip/7zip

I will keep this in mind

Thanks for sharing your ideas.