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Auto run of CK11N there is chabge in bom or routing

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Hi All,

Is there any schedule run of ck11n if there is any change in bom or routing ?

Kindly clarify for this above query

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Answers (2)

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No in standard SAP there is no such provision to have automatic run of CK11N if there is a change in BOM or Routing.

Normally the costing run is scheduled as a monthly job.

If designers change BOM or Routing in the middle of the month, normally the process is that they need to inform the production department about the changes and then there is a functionality in the production order to Re Read Master Data (BOM) & Routing.

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Ameya Beri

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It is not recommended to take costing run if there is change in BOM and routing middle of the month.

System will not  change Standard Price after releasing cost estimate

As you will have cost update for current period in that case first you need to delete it CKR1 - Delete Material Cost Estimate. Then you can take the new cost estimate and update price in material master.

Please consult your CO consultant on it.

Steps are

CKR1 delete cost estimate

CK11N Cost estimate

CK24 Mark and Release.

Or CK40N you can schedule in background.

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