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Attribute Price not adding to Total Price of the Product in CPQ

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I have an attribute named 'special_charges' and it has two values "Yes & No". For the attribute value 'Yes' there is price $ 1500 and for 'No' it $ 0. So when I select the value in the configurator page it is not adding to total. It showing in the configuration Summary but at the total it not adding. But when we keep that attribute as line item it is adding again.

What can be solution for this ?

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Answers (1)

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Hi Prithvi, what is the pricing setup of the configurable product? If you set the pricing on the configurable product to Pricebook Lookup, then any attributes that are not listed as line items will add the attribute value price to the configuration price. If the pricing on the configurable product is set to Custom Pricing and there is a formula, then this will not happen. Instead you would need to add the price of the attribute through the formula under Custom Pricing. See also section Pricing in the admin guide.