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Anonymization of table keyfields on testsystems after copy from production

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After a periodic copy for production to our testsystem, we need to anonymize the personal data according to the new Data Protection Act in Europe. Unfortunately also keyfields of db-tables are affected, because we use the social security number as account key in the subledger module FS-CD.

We know that you can't change the key of a DB-table but instead have to copy the entry, save it with the new key an delete the old one. We are still on a R/3 EHP8 system with a MSSQL DB.

Is there any experience on solving such an issue or a 3rd party tool to handle it?

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Hi Alexander,

please reach out to collegues from User Group (INTER Insurance). They use TDMS and may be can share their experience with you.

Verturis has a test tool. May be this supports the feature.

Kind Regards,