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Allocation effect in SAP RAR with Linked Performance Obligation

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Hi Experts,

I humbly request to provide a helping hand in the below requirement.
Our client has a requirement where I would need to generate two Performance Obligations (POB) for a single RAI, with a split of 80:20 ratio. i.e., I have only one sales order item and that need to generated to POBs, splitting the contract price of that item in 80 to 20 ratio, where 80% goes into Leading POB and 20% goes into Linked POB.
We have configured this and working perfectly, where the sales orders have only one sales order item.

But the problem statement here is, we have multiple line items, across which there is not Allocation expected to happen. We would only need allocation within the POBs that are generated from same RAI (from same Sales Order Item). But we dont want it to happen Across the POBs from multiple RAI items.

How can we have allocation effect between leading and linked POBs originated from same RAI and at the same time NOT to have allocation effect among all the RAIs under same contract.


Kindly help in this regards,


Community Manager
Community Manager
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Are you using Classic Contract Management or Contract Management (Optimized)?

They don't behave the same for Leading/Linked POB allocation.