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Add ECCN and HTS code programmatically in SAP GTS

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Hello All,

I have a requirement to update the product master with the ECCN and HTS code as and when the product gets created in GTS.

The change pointers are active in ECC .

Is there a way to classify the product and update this information while the product is getting transferred inside GTS ?Like a BADI where in I fill structures relevant to classification data of the product and this gets assigned while the product gets created when material is transferred from ECC via RFC/change pointers.

If not, is there any standard Function module to exclusively classify the product and assign both ECCN and HTS information to it.

I know /SAPSLL/MARC_UPLOAD_R3 can be used for HTS , but wat do we do for ECCN ?

I checked several posts which mention about using standard transactions to do this online, but my requirement is to be able to run this program in background on regular frequency to classify the products as and when they are created or atleast at regular intervals.

I checked for BADI /SAPSLL/IF_BADI_EXT_PRD~PRD_POST but was not able to achieve this.

Greatly appreciate any inputs provided.

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Hi Archana,

Product Classification has only standard option to do classification. it is very important one which has lot of impact if it is classified a product wrongly. so, it is always good practice to use the standard way of doing Classification for both ECCN and HTS Codes.

we can do Classification for multiple Products via Worklist.


Srinivas Yellampalli