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Accounting document numbers accorded from different tax classifications in VF02

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The billing documents generate different accounting document numbers according to different tax classifications

Can BKPF-BLART be changed in TCODE VF02 with TAX CODE, or IMG parameters can be set through SPRO?

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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

There is no standard way to have accounting document no based on tax code or tax classification in material or business partner (customer). However, you do have country specific localization to allow you the use of business place, based on which you can generate something called as Official document no. A business place generally denotes an indirect tax registeration no and has been used since some time in many countries in APJ and LATAM. However, the use of functionality will depend on the country and what business functionality you want to achieve.

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Sanil Bhandari

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In standard, there is no link between the billing and accounting document number ranges with tax classifications.

If your requirement is to have same number range both for billing and accounting documents, please do the following:-

  • Go to vn01, click on "Intervals" and create a new object (ex.Z1) with say number range 1000 to 2000
  • Assign this object to your billing document type in vofa
  • Next go to FBN1 and do as above by having the same Object as Z1 with additional check box on "External"
  • Now assign this Z1 to your RV document type in oba7
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Hi lakshmipathi.ganesan,thanks for your response!

I have a question,will there be any impact if I check External in the accounting file in Tcode FBN1?

And,How the SD documents determines the BLART in the FI document?