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1.Document type while transfer from FI-CA to FI-GL. 2.Post additional line item of tax in FPE1


Dear All,

I have two queries:

1. Is there any standard way to define different document types based on transaction (like payment lot, manual posting, invoicing) while transferring from FI-CA to FI-GL.

  • I have checked posting area 0100 and there we can define only one document type for all FI-CA to FI-GL transfer.
  • FQEVENT - 61, 982 & 940 can be explored but I wanted to know if there any standard option available or not.

2. Is it possible to post additional BP item of tax while posting FI-CA document using FPE1 using standard tax determination functionality. I have done following config. System is posting correctly to two different GL items as required.

  • Postings and Documents -- Document -- Maintain Document Assignments -- Define Sales/Purchase Tax Determination
  • Assigned tax determination against relevant main-sub in posting area S001
  • Defined Accounts for Sales/Purchase Tax in posting area 0010

Thank you !!



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1st question: FQEVENTS->Event 0061, fill FKKKO_CUS-HBBLA with desired FI-GL document type. Also you'll see it in FPE3 -> document caption -> field Document type used for the transfer to the general ledger.

Dependence from the FI-CA transaction you can implement in 0061, analyzing FI-CA doc type or dfkkko-herkf.

You're right, via standard customization you can define only one FI-GL doc type for all postings from FI-CA.