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October 2023

We are excited to announce that Subscription Order Management 2023 FPS00 is now generally available since 11th Oct 2023. This latest release comes with a range of exciting new features and Fiori applications that are designed to take your user experience, integration capabilities, and system performance to the next level.

This blog post will provide a glimpse into the latest product updates, including the introduction of a new Fiori application to manage Mass change processes of subscription contracts, support products with Multi-Level Advance Variant Configuration, enhanced pricing capabilities with SAP CC  and various other functional enhancements as part of the SAP Billing and Revenue Innovation Management (BRIM) suite.

Advanced Variant Configuration – Multi-Level Configuration

In response to customer feedback regarding an intuitive solution for handling complex subscription products, we have developed an integration with Multi-Level AVC for the subscription products, in this release. This enhancement empowers you to effectively configure and define multi-level characteristic values associated with your subscription products. This means that your customers are now able to configure and navigate through various tiers of product characteristics in the subscription offerings, providing more flexibility and control over the product configuration.


Product Configuration with Advance Variant Configuration - Multi-Level Configuration


This feature allows you to:

  • Easily navigate through the multi-level configuration structure, making it convenient to customize and tailor a subscription order to meet specific requirements.

  • Manage inheritance of configuration and characteristics value from header item to sub-items.

  • upport variant prices on all levels.


For more information about multi-level configuration using Advanced Variant Configuration functionality in Subscription Order Management, refer to Multi-Level Configuration of Product Bundles Using Advanced Variant Configuration on the SAP Help Portal.

SAP Fiori Apps for Managing Mass Changes of Subscription Contracts

Have you ever wished for an app on the SAP Fiori Launchpad that could handle Mass Change processes directly from the Fiori interface, eliminating the need to toggle between GUI and Fiori Apps? If so, then your wish has come true with this release.

We are excited to introduce our latest Fiori applications: 'Mass Changes of Subscription Contracts App' and 'Manage Mass Change Processing.' These intuitive SAP Fiori apps empower your back-office agents, enabling them to schedule and monitor the mass processing jobs directly from the SAP Fiori interface.

The Fiori app 'Mass Changes of Subscription Contracts' empowers the back-office agent to precisely define the contract selection criteria using a range of provided filters. Moreover, with the ‘change process group’ feature your back-office agent can now merge various change processes and trigger a single mass change process job, which can span across various sold-to parties. This ensures a seamlessly streamlined process while eliminating redundancy.

The "Manage Mass Change Processing" Fiori App equips agents with the capability to effortlessly monitor the existing jobs and even make modifications to a planned mass job by adding further contracts with help of the filter criteria. While monitoring the executed jobs, this app provides further ability to promptly identify and rectify any errors, enabling the erroneous jobs to be retriggered as necessary.


Fiori Apps for Mass Changes on Subscription Contracts


Listed below are some of the key features of this app:

  • Intuitive SAP Fiori app to create and manage the mass change process.

  • Refine and filter the contracts to change and configure the changes in an easy-to-use configuration wizard.

  • Customize and combine several change processes using change process group to create your own specific change processes.


Find more details about this new feature from the Mass Changes of Subscription Contracts (F7405) and Manage Mass Processing of Subscriptions (F7406) on the SAP Help Portal and on the SAP Fiori Apps Reference Library.


Terms of Payment at Item Level

In specific scenarios, there may be a need to bundle products with varying terms of payment. For instance, consider offering SaaS bundled products that comprise of subscription-based items like operating systems and virtualization software, alongside physical hardware products such as modular servers. In this scenario, you would want to maintain distinct payment terms for each product type. For example, a 30-day payment term for subscription products and a more flexible payment term of 45 days since the physical products may require shipping and setup.

Thanks to the latest enhancement, you can now define different Terms of Payment at the item level in a Subscription Order and Solution Quotation, when FI-CA is active. This enhancement is particularly helpful in scenarios where you want to maintain a single contract account in the subscription contract, but still want to provide your customers with the payment flexibility and separate invoices.


Terms of Payment at Subscription Item

This feature allows you to:

  • Assign Terms of Payment at an item level in Subscription Order and Solution Quotation, via UI and API, when FI-CA is active.

  • Maintain a 1:1 mapping between FI-AR Terms of Payment and FI-CA Payment Conditions.

  • Change the Terms of Payment via the Create Follow-up Order process.


For more information about the enhancements in terms of payment in Subscription Order Management, refer to Payment Terms for Subscription Items  on the SAP Help Portal.


Multiple Price Keys for Recurring Fees in SAP Convergent Charging

In response to customer feedback, we have now enhanced our integration capabilities with SAP CC. With this latest feature, you gain more control over recurring fee calculations. The pricing details, including discounts and surcharges, are now seamlessly replicated to SAP CC, a feature previously was only limited to CI billing plans.

Leveraging capabilities of the Data Replication Framework (DRF), we’ve enabled the replication of price master data, including discounts and surcharges, directly to SAP CC. What’s more, you can now even transfer transaction-specific manual prices, absolute values, and percentage values to SAP CC using the ODI interface. Your integration experience just got even more remarkable!


This feature allows you to:

  • Create subscription order and solution quotation with an influence in the recurring fees in SAP CC.

  • Replicate price master including charges such as absolute, percentage, and aggregated values of discount and surcharges to SAP CC.

  • Define condition types to be replicated in Customizing.


For more information about this new feature, refer to Multiple Price Keys for Recurring Fees in SAP Convergent Charging  topic on the SAP Help Portal.


Other Enhancements

In addition to the features mentioned above, Subscription Order Management 2023 FPS00 also introduces the following enhancements:

WBS Element

While managing large projects, it often becomes necessary to maintain a WBS element for the purpose of project tracking and controlling. With this latest release, we have introduced the capability of assigning the WBS element as an account assignment in the Subscription order for sales, subscription items and in One-Off charges. This will allow for the seamless transfer of WBS element values from your subscription order to the subscription contract, SD sales order, and one-off BIT.

Furthermore, you can now also assign the WBS element in the Solution Quotation. However, currently in solution quotation we support the assignment of WBS elements for subscription items only, whereas sales and service products are in our future roadmap. Additionally, we have extended the assignment of WBS elements via API as well allowing you pass the WBS element value from an external system.

For more information about this new feature, refer to WBS Elements as Account Assignment Objects in Subscription Transactions topic on the SAP Help Portal.


Proration of SAP Convergent Charging Recurring Charges

In response to customer feedback, we have further enhanced the integration with SAP CC to include the charge proration feature. With this release, you can now activate charge proration. To activate this feature, ensure that your charge plan in SAP CC supports proration parameters. Additionally, while assigning the charge plan to subscription products in Subscription Order Management, you must set the proration flag. This enables recalculating charges for a subscription contract when parameters (such as billing cycle or quantity) that affect recurring fee calculations are changed. With automatic recalculation of recurring charges in SAP Convergent Charging, it will send prorated BITs to CI for billing adjustments.

For more information about this new feature, refer to Prorated Fees in SAP Convergent Charging topic on the SAP Help Portal.


End-to-End Extensibility in Subscription Transaction

Assume your customer wants to add a custom field in the subscription contract and make it available in CI/FI-CA. Thanks to our latest development, you can now add a custom field to the subscription contract and seamlessly replicate data from the subscription item extension field to the subscription contract item. Subsequently, this data is carried over to the provider contract item in FI-CA.

For more information about this new feature, refer to End-to-End Extensibility in Subscription Transactions topic on the SAP Help Portal.

More Information

Subscription Order Management 2023 FPS00 has been released to customers on Oct 11th, 2023. For more information about Subscription Order Management 2023 FPS00, check out the following links: