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Product and Topic Expert

Welcome to our blog series about SAP Subscription Billing’s new features!

This month we'd like to highlight a new feature that we released for early billing of subscriptions. By the way, you'll always find the complete list of released features on our What’s New page on the SAP Help Portal. You can also subscribe there to get notified of any news.




Now let's dive into our highlighted feature...

Early Billing

For one-time charges and recurring charges billed in advance, you can now specify that bills be created and closed early, before the start of the billing period. This enables you to bill subscribers as soon as possible to optimize cash flow. Early billing is only supported for pricing with pricing schemes.

You can define an offset to specify how many months and/or days early bills should be available for subsequent processing. For subscriptions with early billing, bills are created on the bill due date, which is moved forward by the offset. The bills are closed as usual after the billing delay that follows the bill due date.

In the Manage Business Configuration app, when you create a new profile under Billing Profiles, you can define an early billing offset in days and/or months (new Create Bills Early setting).



The maximum offset is 3 months or 90 days, or 3 months and 28 days if both months and days are specified. You can adjust the offset for early billing directly in a subscription, if required.

The following graphic shows how the first bill due date and billing date of a subscription are moved forward by the early billing offset. The offset is applied to all billing cycles.


In the Business Configuration APIthe endpoint /config/Global/BillingProfile/v1 (GET and PUT) has also been updated to add the new setting to create bills early.


That was the highlight from our latest feature deliveries. Thanks for reading today’s blog post! katherinewaters_0-1708429450078.png

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Stay tuned and take care!


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