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The system proposes the address data of the assigned object when creating business partners from the maintenance of the real estate contract (transaction RECN).  BUT: for the field "house number supplement", which will not be proposed. See below picture:

1)  maintain the address information for the rental object.( also the field "house number supplement")

2)assign the rental object to the contract

3) in the partners TAB,  create new BP, system will proposes the address data of the assigned object except the field "house number supplement".


Reason & solution:

all of the address values are proposed by below program, here, there is no line like:


The list of fields that can be defaulted is only those contained in the structure BUSDEFAULT. These were decided based on the most frequently used and important fields for the Business Partner.

The field HOUSE_NUM2 is not a member of this structure and therefore this field is filled with no default value.


In oredr to solve this problem, will need to make a modification to the structure and add other field(eg. HOUSE_NUM2), also need to add  an additional line of code to transfer data into the new field.