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SAP Billing and Revenue Innovation Management (BRIM) is a perfect add-on bundle for RISE for SAP customers who want to grow recurring revenues while minimizing revenue leakage with a scalable, automated order-to-cash process. Here are some examples of how customers are using the BRIM bundle:  

  • Printer manufacturer transformed into a managed print services provider by creating subscription bundles that include printer, installation, and maintenance services provided by a partner with customer-specific pricing that includes a monthly recurring fee, fees based on the number of pages printed, and one-time installation fee.  
  • Media company created a single, pre-integrated order-to-cash process to support global launches of new content streaming services with end-to-end management of the subscription lifecycle, support for partner and advertiser revenue-share agreements, high-performance scalability to manage direct-to-consumer volumes, and end-to-end transaction traceability from sales to the general ledger. 
  • Multinational energy company built a subscription platform to support new ways to monetize their services, such as billing and pricing flexibility to support customer-specific pricing and promotions, pre-paid products and new rate plans based on usage patterns, real-time customer notifications based on usage, and the infrastructure to collect and aggregate large volumes of meter data for real-time rating and billing. 
  • Technology company automated their invoice-to-cash process to make sure they were correctly billing for all their services, including subscription and non-subscription services. By scaling for high volumes of accounts receivables, automating complex revenue-share settlement, and supporting compliance with region-specific reporting requirements, the company gained end-to-end financial traceability, trackability, and integrity. 





Pre-integrated with SAP S/4HANA Cloud Private Edition, the BRIM bundle offers an end-to-end subscription and revenue management capabilities and includes the following components: 


  • Subscription Order Management provides comprehensive subscription lifecycle management. Design and model offers that combine multiple pricing and billing options (e.g., recurring, usage, one-time, prepay, installment payment). Create bundle subscriptions with products, services, and projects combined into a single offer. Manage complex multi-sided business models by managing partner revenue-share agreements.  


  • Convergent Charging provides flexible pricing, rating, and packaging management with support for high transactional volumes. Designed to process very high volumes, real-time and offline charging are supported with automatic calculation of partner payments and discounts in addition to support for allowance and balance management. An intuitive interface allows business users to model and update simple to complex pricing logic. 


  • Convergent Invoicing aggregates billing data from multiple sources to offer a single, marketing-ready customer invoice with complete billing and payment details. Invoice-level discounting is available based on amount, percentage, or other attributes with flexible billing cycle management and ability to create on-demand invoices. High-volume error correction and reversal processes available in times of outages. 


  • Contract Accounting streamlines high volume accounts receivables processes with integration to SAP S/4HANA Cloud. Provides customer payment management with centralized subledger of receivables and automatic settlement of partner revenue-share and rebate payables. Automatic rules-based payment matching, collections, and dunning with centralized customer dispute management and management of customer credit.  


RISE with SAP customers can take advantage of the SAP Billing and Revenue Innovation Management add-on package to: 


  • Transform from a product to as-a-service business 
  • Add new revenue streams by offering subscriptions to digital services 
  • Scale for high volumes and minimize revenue leakage with automated order-to-cash 
  • Quickly launch innovative offers using a variety of pricing, billing, and bundling options 
  • Automate personalization of customer-specific offers and options 


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