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Hello again SAP community members! 

We just finished the first month of 2024 and with that we are excited to walk you through the new features that SAP Profitability and Performance Management Cloud (PaPM) Standard Model have delivered to your SAP PaPM Cloud Tenants. From Content Network, Reports Management Screen, and many more.

Without further ado, let me walk you through the contents of this what's new article for SAP PaPM Cloud.

Modeling Screen 

In relation to the new ‘Manage Data’ button that was recently introduced when creating or using an existing Model Table which will direct the users to the Show Screen where the data can be maintained, the tooltip text of button leading to Show Screen in header when Model Table is selected has been enhanced to display ‘Manage Data’.


Modeling 1.png


Modeling 2.png

Report Management Screen

Edit Mode for Qualitative Reporting

The Report Management Screen has introduced a new feature wherein authorized users can set a report into edit mode.

Once a user accesses a report, the report would be displayed in read-only mode wherein options under Edit and Editor in the header including add and delete report tab are disabled. The Edit button can be chosen to enable edit mode for the current report.

Report 1.png

Upon choosing the Edit button under General section in the header, the Save and Discard Changes buttons would be visible. Options under Edit and Editor would also be enabled for user to utilize along with the possibility to add and/or delete report elements and report tabs.

Report 2.png

If the user has made changes to the report and chooses the Save or Save All button, all changes made in the report would be saved and the report would be displayed again in read-only mode along with the successful message shown in the message logs.

Report 3.png

If Discard Changes button is chosen and there are still unsaved changes to the report, a dialog box informing user that changes are that changes are not saved would appear with the following options:

  1. Save and Continue – proceeds to save changes in the report
  2. Continue – proceeds to refresh the report and no changes would be saved
  3. Cancel – cancels the action

Report 4.png

In case that user tries to access the same report then chooses the Edit button while it is being edited by another user, a lock icon would be visible in the header along with a notification message informing that the report is currently locked by another user and cannot be edited.

Report 5.png

When the user working on the report has been inactive in the report for 12 minutes, a dialog would appear informing that the time for editing the content is about to expire:

  1. Continue Editing – will allow the user to continue working on the report.
  2. Save - will save all the changes made and will unlock the report.
  3. Discard - will discard the changes and will unlock the report.

Report 6.png

Show/Analyze Screen

The buttons which allow users to upload and download data from the Show and Analyze Screen have been renamed to “Upload” and “Download”.

Note: The functionality of data upload and download remains the same in the Show and Analyze Screens.

Analyze Screen
Analyze 1.png

Show Screen
Show 1.png

Analyze Screen
Analyze 2.png

Show Screen
Show 2.png

Content Network Screen

Uploading Content

When user uploads content to the Content Network screen, user will be redirected to the Upload Status page which shows the status of the upload along with the path where the content was uploaded.


Once upload is done, the newly uploaded content will be available in the Content Network screen after refresh.


Downloading Content

An information pop-up would now be displayed for user upon choosing the Download button of selected content informing users that the file needs to be scanned before download. The download process would be triggered once the OK button is chosen.


I hope you enjoy reading this blogpost content with the latest updates coming from SAP Profitability and Performance Management Cloud. Till the next what's new content.