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Hi everyone, 

Currently, the SAP Document and Reporting Compliance, outbound invoicing option for Brazil service sends e-mails as a business requirement. Nevertheless, no e-mail status is presented for users. We recently delivered a new feature to address this lack of information.  

The Distribution Bounce details the e-mails sent to partners while issuing electronic fiscal documents. The "Distribution Log" column was included in the NF-e/ CT-e Monitor. In this column is displayed the distribution bounce status.  

The Distribution Bounce provides the general status of the distribution and allows the analysis of individual distributions for each electronic fiscal document issued and its recipients. This feature provides history information, containing the message identifier and the date of the sent e-mail. The Distribution Bounce also allows detailed analysis of each distribution log and improves the user's decision-making. 

You can check the Distribution Bounce SAP Notes for further details: 

  • 3146910 - Outbound NF-e: Prerequisite Objects for SAP Note 3147022 

  • 3147022 - Outbound NF-e: Distribution Bounce.  

Don’t hesitate to check out this new feature and enhance your distribution control! 

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Best regards, 

Samuel Armbrust