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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

Business Partners Relationship

In CPQ Quote 2.0 Business partners, it will be possible to define relationships between Business partners, and to define nature of this relationship, which can be later used on Involved parties on Quote for simplifying Business partner search and assignment.

CPQ Logic on top of Backend Model 

We are combining the best of the two worlds by bringing in the ability to define sales specific logic in CPQ configurator on top of existing backed models. Customers will be able to hide attributes or even attribute values based on actual business requirements with no custom work, just using visibility restrictions.

Product messages are now officially supported even for products that are synced from back office.

Triggers are not available by default on products that are synced from back office in accordance to note from 2 years ago. If for any reason you need them today please request exception via support ticket.





Support for Pricing Sub-Procedures

We are working tightly on delivering feature parity with S4/HANA and SAP Variant Configuration and Pricing so that our customers can benefit from best pricing practices available today. Quote 2.0 supports integration with stateful pricing where now it will be possible to use even modular pricing procedures. Read more how to use stateful (a.k.a document pricing) in CPQ.


There is a great blog post by @MilanMilenkovic   to read more about modular pricing procedures in S4.


Alternative Unit of Measure

Implementation of integrated scenarios just got much simpler as in CPQ Quote 2.0 we now have out of the box support for alternative units of measure that can be used in quoting process. At the same time, we are allowing sales unit of measure to be used in communication with SAP Variant Configuration and Pricing.
In following days I will publish one more post for this feature itself so stay tuned, but for now important is to know that out of the box we provide replication of alternative units of measure through product replication and that unit of measure can be selected in the quote item with no custom effort/columns, etc.


Please do have in mind that all units must have maintained ISO codes.

CPQ Quote 2.0 integration to S/4HANA using only CPQ Models and Pricing 

While we do recommend using our seamless integration with SAP Variant Configuration and Pricing with S4/HANA we did observe that in some cases customer needs are too complex to fit into standard. For those we unlocked an option to leverage mappings done in CPQ Quote 2.0 to generate correct payload when downstream objects are created.



System List: New way of bunding in Quote 2.0

In order to ensure smooth migration of Quote 1.0 customers to Quote 2.0 we introduced System List product type to allow bundling where parent item will not be present on the quote. This old/new structure could be understood as a Parent/Child with no parent knowing that items do keep relation and rules between them as they are part of one structure even after being added to a quote. There is nice visual indication on left side of line items to mark items that are part of a System/list.


CPQ Quote 2.0 to S/4HANA Sales Order Private Cloud Integration 

Multilevel configurations with sales relevant subitems (scope items 1YT and 4OC) became possible in S4 sales order pubic cloud integration in 2402 and with this release they are becoming supported when Sales Order is created in S4/HANA cloud, private edition as well. Customers are advised to upgrade integration package SAP CPQ - Quote 2.0 Integration with SAP S/4HANA Sales Order.

There is no limitation in number of nesting levels like in Quote 1.0 integration with ECC.
Known limitation for discounting on sales relevant subitems still remains but will be overcome in next S4 release.

BRIM integration with Multilevel Products

Integration between CPQ Quote 2.0 and S/4HANA Solution Quotation is significantly improved since placing and order with multilevel products is now available. With this, our customers can create complex offers and bundle different product types to support their business and their own customers. Our customers can now bundle products directly in S/4 and Advance Variant and Configuration and use such models of bundles directly in CPQ which is going to speed up the modeling process and shorten time and effort required for it.
You will observe that there is new field on product Order Item Type to support this. 

CPQ Quote 2.0 to DocuSign Integration

If you’d like to keep informed someone on your e-signing process progress and an offer, you can do that now by simply using Carbon Copy enhancement in integration between CPQ Quote 2.0 and DocuSign.

Ever struggled with CPQ emails ending up in spam?

With 2405 release this should be resolved once for all. New and preferred option is "SAP SMTP service (default)" while legacy one is still available. We highly encourage you not to use legacy option as it provenly causes issues in mail delivery. In cases when more freedom is needed in terms of headers and metadata we do support custom SMTP provided by customers. Read more on what is the plan and how to set it up in quite comprehensive help page.


If you would like to go through entire list full What's new is available in new online version (no PDF anymore).

As always we are quite eager to receive feedback from customers and partners after testing new features so please don't hesitate to share yours in comments.