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SAP Cloud for Real Estate, a new cloud solution for corporate real estate management, was recently awarded the prestigious Red Dot Design Award 2017 for Communication Design, chosen from more than 8,000 entries across the globe. Its design team strives for putting the real estate topic from maintenance mode back into the limelight of enterprise software and creating the best possible user experience for real estate managers.


“From thinking to doing”, as Bill McDermott, SAP’s CEO, stated in his keynote at SAPPHIRE NOW 2017, requires not only data but also data in the right format. Great user experience boosts both monetary and human values. It supports increased productivity and data quality, saves training costs while decreasing change requests and user errors. On the human level, as we know ourselves as software users, an appealing interface may increase our user satisfaction, accelerates the solution’s adoption, strengthens customers’ loyalty and relationship.


Empathy for the User.”

Bill McDermott, CEO


The Red Dot Design Award committee has recognized these factors for a simplified life through design and has therefore been awarding creative achievements in three disciplines, namely Product Design, Design Concept and Communication Design since 1955. The latter went in this year’s selection, which embodies one of the world’s largest design competitions, to SAP Cloud for Real Estate, now decorated by this international seal of outstanding design quality.

SAP Cloud for Real Estate is an operational and strategic management solution supporting real estate managers in running and optimizing their corporate building portfolios. The system gives consolidated information on all buildings and answers key questions regarding space utilization, facility costs, building portfolio, and partner collaboration with appealing graphical representations through an intuitive user interface validated by end users. This cloud solution disrupts today’s slow and disconnected processes and leads the way to well-managed buildings – and to better working situations for real estate managers.


“I’m incredibly proud that one of our SAP S/4HANA units has won this award with SAP Cloud for Real Estate. Seeing SAP winning design awards is just great and the well-deserved recognition of the efforts we put into design, design thinking, and all our products. Congratulations to the entire SAP Cloud for Real Estate team who have made this further Red Dot Design Award possible for SAP – thank you and keep up your excellent work!”, Bernd Leukert, Head of Products and Innovation, said.

Chief Innovation Officer Jürgen Müller demoed this solution at SAPPHIRE NOW 2017 earlier this year in Bill McDermott’s opening keynote, stating


“This is how the new world

should look like.”

Jürgen Müller, SAP Chief Innovation Officer


The solution connects people, buildings and businesses intelligently in SAP Leonardo’s spirit, leveraging latest technology like IoT, Blockchain, VR and Intelligent Data. “All of this is easy to do because it runs on one platform, the SAP Cloud Platform. It enables you to tap into all the investments you did before”, Jürgen said. In particular your spending on real estate itself.


For a long time, real estate has been a neglected pillar of corporate management, simply considered a necessity to house employees and technical facilities – despite being the second biggest cost item on most companies’ balance sheets. In the meantime, people managing real estate – from CFOs, corporate portfolio and location managers to technical service providers – had to rely on information siloes in spreadsheets and complex systems.

A tiring, cumbersome process and one that tends to end up with many errors and dissatisfied users. It might not come as a surprise that 40% of corporate real estate investment is therefore not being utilized efficiently. With real estate itself being one of the largest expense items and with every second employee spending most of their week inside an office, real estate also has huge impact on the first expense item, namely personnel.


increased employee performance

with optimized real estate


And employee productivity and corporate costs are both contributing to our customers’ overall success. To make sure that these numbers turn out right through optimized corporate real estate management, the design team behind SAP Cloud for Real Estate validated all functionalities with end-users from partners such as Bosch and Daimler.

All in all, this award serves as a reminder and encouragement to strive for the best possible customer experience: “And when it comes to the user experience, we did not stop with Red Dot Design Awards – no, we have continued to strengthen the user experience with SAP Fiori across our entire portfolio”, Bill McDermott said in his SAPPHIRE NOW 2017 keynote. It is important to subject one’s own achievements to scrutiny again and again in order to constantly improve and maximize the potential for our customers’ success in all business areas, including corporate real estate management.

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