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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert


We are approaching last major SAP CPQ release in 2023 which is as usually going to be packed with new features and improvements. Don't miss to register for release webinar where we will allocate quite decent slot for discussion so please do bring in your questions and comments.

Now, let me reflect on couple of topics that will be delivered with CPQ 2311:


VCP Integration enhancements in Quote 2.0

Product type totals and discount

  • Product Type totals are enabled when document pricing is used starting from 2311 release

  • Discounting per product type is also supported

Line items in stateful (document) pricing

With having option to sell in same quote products that originate from S4 and CPQ modeled products need had arisen to control behavior of line items when stateful pricing is used in VCP integration

With this release we have enabled this entire section under Quotes->Fields, Calculation, Layout so that users can control editability of line items but also have calculations attached on line items

Line Items calculations and fields are not visible when document pricing is used but for the
combined SAP CPQ and variant pricing items on the same quote, but it can be enabled by
deactivating (switched off to False) the Use Back-End Pricing on Quote Totals switch on
the Pricing Procedures

Condition type rate converted

Customers can maintain condition records in currency different from one that is defined on pricing document/quote.

Condition type rate converted is used for quoting process / display purposes while  when order is placed rate is still used as S4/ECC needs rate for calculation – no change needed on customer side.

Performance Improvements for Autocomplete Attributes

  • Previously only matching type was “contains”

  • With new option “Starts with” execution time observed by users can be drastically decreased. Depending on user model this can improve performance even multiple times.

  • Additionally starting with 2311 customers can decide on tenant level after how many keystrokes autocomplete is going to trigger search

Taxation in Quote 2.0

Taxation is now supported on Quote 2.0 where CPQ admins will be able to define tax percent per
country and product type which will be applied on item level in quote. Users will be able to
display taxes on their documents using CTX tags.Here are 4 different scenarios how taxes can be used in SAP CPQ Quote 2.0

Scenario 1 - CPQ as master for defining Tax rates

Scenario 2Adding custom logic in CPQ for defining Tax rates

Scenario 3External system as master for defining Tax rates

Scenario 4SAP backend as master for defining Tax rates

This will be in depth discussed so feel free register for release 2311 highlights webinar.


Formulas on QICF on Quote 2.0

Bringing even more flexibility into implementation of SAP CPQ running on Quote 2.0 engine. Low code/no code approach allows using formulas on columns instead of doing calculations. Please try it out and share your feedback!

Relative Discounts in Quote 2.0

Smart calculation and distribution of Total discount to Quote Items following defined discounting rules are now available in Quote 2.0 as well as in previous quote engine. Read the full What's new document for 2311 release here. As always share your feedback in comments!