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The new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) effective May 25, 2018 is right around the corner and it is critical that organizations get educated and take action in preparation.  Simply put, all organizations that collect and process personal data of EU data subjects regardless of size will be affected.  Organizations processing personal data must demonstrate lawful purpose combined with ongoing accountability and governance with much stronger protection measures. Even though this is an EU regulation, it applies to organizations anywhere in the world that process personal data of EU residents including but not limited to consumers, employees, and business partners.

Most multinational corporations and practically all European organizations will need to comply or will be faced with steep punitive fines. All areas of business will be impacted by the regulation in some way.  This is not just an IT security problem. That being said, technology solutions will be essential in the areas of information management and process governance.

SAP’s integrated and industry-leading solutions are highly relevant for helping to meet end-to-end GDPR requirements. Enterprise solutions from the Database and Data Management and Governance, Risk, and Compliance portfolios cover SAP and non-SAP systems and work with existing infrastructures investments. These solutions will allow our customers to move beyond a one-off response to GDPR and instead become a fitter more agile digital business.

For starters, sign-up for this timely webcast sponsored by SAP on GDPR on November 14, 2017.  Next, take a read of this informative piece which talks about what GDPR means for your business and how SAP as a trusted advisor can help.  Lastly, upon participation in the webcast consider the SAP offer to engage with us on GDPR, helping you navigate our solutions and services, and prove business value from SAP’s bigger vision.