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In BPC 10.0, if you are using a proxy server, you may probably encounter error HTTP 417 Expectation Failed. For example, when opening an excel link from BPF through BPC web client.

An workaround that add the BPC URL into the exceptions of proxy server has been introduced in note 1507053. However, the workaround is not applicable if the customer must use proxy server for BPC URL. Here I want to introduce another way to work around the error.

Simply, HTTP 417 Expectation Failed occurs because the proxy server does not accept the Expect: 100-continue request in the header and return HTTP 417 code. We can disable Expect: 100-continue in the request by the following way:

Add the following code to FPMXLClient.dll.config.(Path: AppData\Local\Programs\SAP BusinessObjects\EPM Add-In)
      <servicePointManager expect100Continue="false" />

Of course, you can also make the proxy server accept Expect: 100-continue request, but this topic is out of BPC scope.

Best regards,