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1. Apply SAP Note 2340917 – “UJD_TEST_PACKAGE_LINK answer prompt upload with error” if necessary.


2. Create a Link Answer Prompt (XML) file as below format. Values marked with red are respective tasks name (case sensitive) of the package link. Text marked with blue are prompt of respective tasks (Same as prompt of report UJD_TEST_PACKAGE, refer to sap note 1599387 - How to create an AnswerPrompt file for programs UJD_TEST_PACKAGE and UJD_TEST_PACKAGE_LONGPROMPT).



Tasks name refer to EPMADDIN package link:



3. /nse38 -> Run report UJD_TEST_PACKAGE_LINK, fill in required fields. Upload link answer prompt (XML) file.


4. How to find Link ID: /se16 -> UJD_LINK_LOG