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Let’s use a typical standalone BPC application server for example:


OS: Windows 2008 server R2

Number of CPU Cores: 20

Memory: 64 GB

Number of work process: 100


If there is no other large application installed on this server, typical size required for your BPC 10 NW application server would be like:


Mid-Low Range (GB)

Mid-High Range (GB)

OS/Program files/User folder



OS Page file

38.5 105.7

Temp installation files/Patch Upgrade/Transport logs/Etc



SAP BPC 10 NW Folder



Multiple UJBR backup file/

Transaction data export



ST12 Traces/SQL traces:

2MB per trace* (500-1000 traces)



Work process traces (high trace level):

30MB per trace * 100 work processes



SQLDBC traces:

20MB per trace * (100- 200 traces)



Others Programs/Files/Free space



Total Size

139.5 294.7



For calculation of page file requirement, please refer to document “Virtual Memory Required by SAP System Components”


SAP System components Virtual Memory Needed GB
Central Instance 500MB+ 1 to 2 times PHYS_MEMSIZE+ 2.5GB + 250MB Per work process 92-156
SAP Agent(SMD, SAP Host Agent) Approx. 300 MB 0.3
Operating system 5 to 10% of RAM of physical host, minimum 3 GB 3.2- 6.4

MDX Parser

(For BPC/BW system)
250MB per process * 20? 5

Third-party applications

(backup programs, hardware agents, etc.)
Depends on third-party application 2
Total virtual memory needed Total sum of virtual memory 102.5 -169.7
Page file size needed Total virtual memory – RAM 38.5   - 105.7


So from the calculation above, hard drive size requirement for a typical BPC application server is between 140-300 GB. For larger BPC server, you have to increase size of hard drive requirement.


I would recommend go for 500 GB if you have very limited knowledge about your feature need and system maintenance work.


200 - 320 GB hard drive may work well if you know what you need and how to manage your BPC application server.


Fixed Hard Drive Size <200 GB is not recommenced. Cost of hard drive is a relative small percentage in the server, do not make mistake here.