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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
This blog post will explain how can we call a SCPI IFlow using SAP CPQ Ironpython Scripting. we can also call this same script as a custom Action.

To get more details on CPQ. Refer  SAP CALLIDUS CPQ

To get more details on SCPI. Refer SAP CLOUD INTEGRATION

Business Case:

SAP CPQ by default provides standard integrations with SAP tools like ECC/ S4HANA/ BRIM/ C4C ..etc . Using this approach we can Send and Get  information easily whenever we need (In a Click).

Here we will implement required Integration in SCPI and that IFlow will be called in CPQ script.

  • We can connect to an External System and get the required Information like Shipping/Cost/Pricing..etc

  • Can Send Quote information from CPQ to third party tool.

  • Can Create an ORDER in third party tools.

  • Can Send Information to other CRM solutions.


Step1: Create an IFLOW in SCPI and convert that ENDPOINT as API.

More details can get from sap-cloud-integration-step-towards-building-api-based-integrations

IFlow Created in SCPI

Step2: Create a Script in CPQ. Based on requirement we can create script in 2 ways

    • Global Script:

we can make this as a global script and can attach to an EVENT. when that particular event happens this code will execute.

    • Custom Action:

We can create this script as an Action/Button and can call in any status or by any user.

For More details on these scripts. Refer SAP CPQ HELP DOCUMENT

CPQ Custom Action

Step3: Write Ironpython Code.

Ex: Below code calls the iflow and and send quote information

url ='https://<CPI>'
headers = { 'authorization': RestClient.GetBasicAuthenticationHeader('username', 'pwd') }
data = '{"QuoteID": "'+Quote.CompositeNumber+'"}'
RestClient.Post(url, data, headers)

Step4: Enable this action at required statuses with in CPQ.

Enable Action in CPQ Workflow Screen

Same action is appears in Quote Screen


Thanks, for reading it till the end.

  • Hope you find that helpful! Let me know your thoughts on this in the comments section.

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