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Driving Sustainable Growth: The Role of Green Public Finance Management Part 2: Unveiling the Public Sector's Role and IPSASB Sustainable Budget Reporting

This blog serves as a continuation of a blog series on Green Public Finance Management. After describing the concept and the key factors of Green PFM in the first post of the series, this second part takes a focused look at the responsibilities shoul...

Secure and Compliant Cloud Services to Increase Customer Trust Part 2: Introducing SAP’s New Chief Security Officer

AI generated image of two security executives in front of a background of clouds and technology This article is part two in a series introducing SAP's new security and compliance leadership. For part one, please see Secure and Compliant Cloud Servic...

JayThvV by Product and Topic Expert
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Secure and Compliant Cloud Services to Increase Customer Trust: Introducing SAP's New Chief Security Compliance & Risk Officer

SAP has gone through a significant transformation in the last years. Despite cloud acquisitions before, SAP in 2018 was still primarily focused on on-premise software for its core solutions in the portfolio. 5 years later, SAP is in the top 5 of fas...

JayThvV by Product and Topic Expert
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