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Assumption: Reader has basic understanding of product type and workflows.

We have workflows for TRM in a similar fashion as we have for SAP BCM.
Standard workflows delivered by SAP are good enough to use for TRM workflows. You can set the approvals for TRM workflows and assign users to it.

This blog will give descriptive details on how to activate the workflows in TRM module for MMF/ OTC transactions. Basically, any kind of product type will use same workflow based on the configuration done.


  1. Product types are created in the system

  2. Workflows are activated in the system (to be performed by basis team)

  3. Users who will be approving the TRM transactions are created in the system and have access to “My inbox” in SAP


Before we start workflows configuration, we need to activate the workflow in the system. This activity is performed by BASIS team and can be validated using transaction code SWU3. Screen print of how an activated workflow looks like is below:

  • SWU3:

Activate event type linkages

To do this activity, call up transaction code- SWETYPV. Select object type BUS2042 and activate as shown in below screen print:

Assign agents to standard task for approvals

Call up transaction code PFTC. And enter task- 20000223.

Select standard task from drop down.

Click on additional data>> agent assignment>> Maintain

Assign the agents who will be responsible for approvals

Click on task and click on insert agent

  • Release procedures:

I will cover configuration for one level of approval, you can go ahead and have dual level approvals as well, as per need.

Pathh: FSCM>>TRM>>Transaction Manager>> General settings>>Transaction Management>> Release

Execute define Release procedure. In this config, you need to define the product type which will be using the workflow at company code level. Once you assign the release procedure for product type, you need to define release levels for each product type in the release procedure. Here you can define if you need to assign dual approval or one level of approval.

Activate release procedure for product types and save the entry.

Select the product and go to “release conditions folder”

  • Release transaction in trm workflow:

You can release a transaction in workflow using “My inbox” app as well or access the same from SAP business workspace from easy access screen.

Select the transation or task from “MY inbox” and execute. You have option to approve or reject the transaction.


Feel free to drop your feedback or suggest edits.

Happy SAPing
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