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If you are having Spend Analytics 2.0 and if you want to upgrade from BW7.0 to BW7.3 then have to do two step upgrade.

First Upgrade to SPM2.1 on BW7.0 then upgrade to SPM3.0 on BW7.3. 

Direct upgrade from SPM 2.0 to SPM 3.0 is not possible.  First upgrade to SPM 2.1 and then upgrade to 3.0

I am summarizing the steps below which are also there in Service market place.

If the same system is used for upgrade then first upgrade your abap and java stack by downloading components with latest service packs.

Then follow following steps.

  1. Install and configure Spend Performance Management 2.1 as described in the Installation and Configuration Guide.
  2. Export the data from the tables from the version 2.0 system. Only necessary if the 2.1 system is different from the 2.0 system.
  3. Import the data into the version 2.1 system only necessary if the 2.1 system is different from the 2.0 system.
  4. Execute the program OPM_PS_MIGRATE

         1. Log on to the ABAP backend system.

         2. On the SAP Easy Access screen, choose ABAP Editor (transaction SE38).

         3. Enter the program OPM_PS_MIGRATE and execute it.

5 Migrate the report and alert definitions using the program migrate20

         1. To execute the migrate20 program, you log on to the SAP NW Portal as an admin user.

         2. Execute the program using the URL: http://[hostname:port]/aui_olap/persistence/migrate20.


Sridhar Garige