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  • How to add z field(info object in BW) to extractor ?

  While adding Z info objects to extractors one should give full technical name of the info object   

example : If Info object is ZInvoice in extractor one should mention as /BIC/Zinvoice.

  • How to overcome issue with table names more than 30 char length?

In extractors if we have to use tables with names more than 30 char length like : Zcustom_table_for_invoice, generation of function module will fail to avoid this

create a View on the table and name the view with less letters in length. like Zcustom_IN_ta

  • How to Transport the data Source?

Refer to the link by divyesh.jain

First transport the Project and generate the Function module in the target system and then send the active version of the data sources to the target system.