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In SAP BPC optimized for S/4 HANA 1610 one of our customers had asked to display the Analysis for Office Reports in Specific Folders. When we tried doing so, we were unable to attach the reports in folders due to certain issues. In this blog post, I have mentioned about the issues that we faced and the solution for them. We have used Analysis for Office Version

Main Problem:

We tried creating Folders in BPC by referring to the below Blog post. But we were still unable to view the reports in respective folders. We had carried out few more steps in addition to this blog post in order to succeed in creating the folders in Analysis for Office in BPC.

After following the steps in the above blog post, our Analysis for Office folders appeared as shown below without containing any Reports in them.

In the above screenshot you can see that the report did not appear in the folder.


Follow the steps mentioned below in order to solve this Issue:


1.    Firstly, be sure that the report you are trying to assign to a Particular folder is collected in a Transport Request.


2.      Now, Open the report you want to add to by using the Search tab as mentioned below:

3.      Now, click on File and select Analysis. Here, select Save Workbook and again select Save Workbook from the list that appears as shown below.

4.      Select the Particular Folder to which you need to assign the Report and click on Save.

5.  Now, again Click on File and Select Analysis. Click on Open Workbook and then Select ‘Open a Workbook from the Business Warehouse Platform’. In the dialog box that appears, go to the Role tab and keep your cursor on the folder to which the new report is added. Click on Refresh as shown in the below Screenshot.


6. Now, the report that you have added appears on the selected folder.

Thus, our issue has been resolved.

Note: While opening AFO Reports in BPC under Role tab, the folders will appear only if any report is saved inside that specific folder.