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First of all please accept my sincere apology for taking this long to release the part 2, i was busy with one of the implementations.


Master Data for meter based service charge settlement scenario:


SAP Easy Access-->Accounting-->Flexible Real Estate Management-->Service Charge Settlement --> Master Data --> Participation Group--> RESCPG - Process Participation Group


SAP Easy Access-->Accounting--> Flexible Real Estate Management--> Service Charge Settlement--> Master Data --> Settlement Unit --> RESCSU - Edit Settlement Unit



** In the above screen shot, the status is appearing as settled, in your case, it will be green with the status "Released".



Rental Objects forming part of the participation group for the scenario:


PT01/COM1/7 & PT01/COM1/8 used in participation group. We will see PT01/COM1/7 rental object in below screen shots



** Nothing to key in measurement tab.


Measuring point 4 created for RO for the characteristics Electricity, characteristic is a free definable value. This is a master data and it needs to be done in each client, it will not be transported through transport request.


Post measurement document using t-code IK11, one entry for initial meter reading and 1 entry with closing meter reading.


In my case, my settlement is for the full year, so 1 entry in January and one entry in December.




Actual Expense posting:

Post FI document using FB60, booking an expense on GL code 470400, the account assignment (CO object) for this expense GL will be RE (SCK - ELEC). This expense is nothing but the electricity consumption for the period.



Service Charge Settlement execution:



SAP Easy Access--> Accounting --> Flexible Real Estate Management--> Service Charge Settlement--> Settlement--> RESCSE - Execute Settlement




** After filling above details execute the transaction.


SAP Easy Access-->Accounting --> Flexible Real Estate Management--> Service Charge Settlement--> Settlement--> RESCIS - Reports for Settlement



Cheers !!!, that's all on service charge settlement based on meter readings.





Next, I will be publishing document on REFX and COPA integration. Thanks for your patience.