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In most SSM projects it’s nice to show a client’s document from their requirements or say, a .pdf written out explaining their financially focused objectives.

To add associated links to the perspectives and objectives, you would probably add them in the override section of the administration (see below) or just the perspectives/objectives section at the top of administration. There, you would edit the associated links and type in the document’s local URL and give it a title.  The title is all you would see as a hyperlink in the end-user application (see third screen below).

How do you build the document’s URL? 

Each associated link needs a valid URL whether it’s something from the internet like or a link to your local file system – it still begins with http://.  You need to first upload the document to SSM using a feature called ‘hot deploy’ – this utility will ‘force’ a document into the file system that SSM reads.  To do this call up the SSM tools – there’s a desktop icon for this.  Click on ‘file manager’.


Next you see the screen below and you need to fill out the following before hitting the ‘upload’ button (bottom section of screen is all we’re concerned with here):

1) DB Name drop-down – put in the model name (like pwsample)

2) Virtual Path – where will you point to the document in the URL associated link space. You must type the following first: /strategy/customized/tools + name of your document (avoid spaces in the name – use underscores) – this *does not* have to match the actual name of your document.

This will be the ‘pointer’ to your document.

3) Next drop the document into this folder:

Directory: C:\usr\sap\CE1\J00\j2ee\cluster\apps\\xapps~cpm~sm~strategymanagement\servlet_jsp\strategy\root\customized\tools

4) Lastly – add the entire path (in step 3 above) + the name of your folder (exactly as it is) into the file field by using the ‘browse..’ button.

Then you can hit ‘upload’ – once that’s done you should be able to search for it from within this window on the top field in the screen by typing in a search string in the ‘View files in file store’ and hitting ‘search’.

VERY IMPORTANT – if you do not see your file – close all SSM windows, clear browser cache and then open up to this screen again and search again.. it should come up.

Go back into SSM administration and add the following path to your URL field in associated links:

http://localhost:50000/strategy/customized/tools/  + <document name>.<extension> (make sure all lower and upper cases match – the URL is case sensitive for the file name!!).

P.s: The link above should be placed into URL field, on the second screen of this document.

I hope this help. :smile: