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SAP Profitability and Performance Management provides many integration plug points with various SAP and Non-SAP system. I am explaining here the SAP PaPM integration with SAP Business planning consolidation (BPC) and SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC).

This document will describe one of the ways to have a single interface for PaPM Users to provide input for PaPM calculations in SAC story, run PaPM functions through SAC and get updated results back in SAC story.

System Landscape: SAP PaPM, SAP BPC and SAC


Below is the Architecture that describe various data flow and components



PaPM Setup

Model BW function for data source in PaPM

Model BW

PaPM Process as per business requirement:


Final PaPM Query for SAC story: This story can exposed in SAC story as final results from PaPM system

Final PaPM Query

BW Setup

BW ADSO with “Planning enabled” and “External SAP HANA View” configuration


Aggregation Level on ADSO:

Aggregation Level

Input enabled Bex Query: Create I/P Enable bex query to capture user input for PaPM calculations

Input Enabled Bex Query

BW Process Chain Setup: Create BW process chain to have PaPM function triggered sequentially. this will be further required to be called in BPC planning function.

Process Chain

ABAP Process Variant: Use Program /NXI/P1_FW_RUN”. Maintain variant with specific PaPM function

ABAP Variant

ABAP Program

BPC Setup

Create BPC Embedded Model and link it with BW ADSO.

BPC Embedded Model

BPC-BW Info provider

BPC Planning Function: Planning function of type Fox Formula. this will be needed to call BW process chain.

BPC Planning Function

BPC Planning Sequence:

BPC Planning Sequence

SAC Setup:

BPC Live Connectivity: Create BPC Live connection

SAC BPC Live Connection

SAC Model with Live connectivity: Create SAC Planning model on Bex Input Enabled query

SAC Planning Model

SAC story to update data in PaPM : Planning template on SAC model. This will help to get write data in PaPM Model BW function.

SAC Planning Template


Trigger PaPM calculation through BPC Planning Sequence: BPC Planning sequence to trigger BW process chain of PaPM functions.

BPC Planning Sequence

After the successful run of BPC Planning sequence triggered through SAC. SAC story get update with latest PAPM calculation results.



There are many ways through which  SAP PaPM data get updated and trigger calculations.

It certainly helps PaPM Business users not to navigate many screens and get everything available on single platform.


SAP Note 2589761

BPC Live data Connection



Akshay Georaikar