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Hello All,

The basic idea of this document is to give a brief overview of BPF in unified model.

The Business process flow in the unified model works in a very similar way compared with the previous release.

There are three main differences:

  •       Some changes for the UI of BPF design time and run time
  •       Internal and external dimensions
  •       The available target actions have been adjusted accordingly

  1. Some changes for the UI of BPF design time and run time:

See the below image as reference how it is changed

The process template activities which are available in 10.0 and 10.1 versions respectively.

2. Internal and external dimensions:

When trying to assign driver dimension in BPF template, user have to select one dimension from “Internal Dimension” or “External dimensions”

In the unified model, users will define the model by using the existing info providers directly. For these info providers, users will user some SAP delivered Info Objects like 0CALYEAR, )CURRENCY (Info Object names started with zero)

When assign these kind of info objects as the driven dimension, in most cases, they don’t have the attribute for Owner and Reviewer like one we use in the classic model.

Normally SAP doesn’t suggest their customers to modify the standard SAP delivered Info Objects by adding the attributed directly. So they introduced the “External Dimensions” and this external dimension is mapped to respective internal dimensions.

3. Hyper link design:

As we discussed in the point one the UI screens are changed in this section also.

Some new actions are introduced, such as Analysis for Office.

The UI will change according to the target actions and further selection

please add more valuable points here.

References: SAP Ramp-up material.


Saida Reddy G

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