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In GTS LoC is a Master data and following are the Imporatant tables in GTS(LoC).

1. /SAPSLL/LCLIC                  License Header

2. /SAPSLL/LCLICA                License Attributes

3. /SAPSLL/LCLICS                Licenses  Statuses

4. /SAPSLL/LCLICB                License  Banks

5. /SAPSLL/LCLICO                Licenses Foreign Trade Org Units

6. /SAPSLL/LCLICV                License  Values

7. /SAPSLL/LCLICVUS           Licenses - Values Allocate(Sales Order)

8. /SAPSLL/CORREF             Licenses Reference Number

9. /SAPSLL/CORPAR             Partner

10. /SAPSLL/PNTBP              Mapping of Business Partner

11. /SAPSLL/LCLICK              License - Terms of Payment

12. BUT000                            Partner

13. /SAPSLL/CUHD                Customs Document Header

14. /SAPSLL/CUIT                  Customs Document Item

15. /SAPSLL/TCOINC              Inco Terms