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Release 702

SP-Level 0017


A requirement to extend existing standard functionality for PSS when users register questions and answers. User input validation is necessary when saving - it is not to be allowed for users to duplicate answers for different questions.


In order to achieve this enhancement, the WebDynpro component GRAC_UIBB_USER_REGISTER is to be modified as per SAP recommendation as there are no Notes available to accommodate this requirement.


First you need to open the component in transaction se80.


Then open the Methods tab on the Component Controller and open the 'Controller' menu item and choose 'Enhance' or Ctrl+F4 (shortcut)



Create the enhancement - this will create Pre Post and Overwrite Exit methods.


Because the table update method is called in the SAVE method, it is necessary to create the Overwrite exit method for the SAVE method.


Copy and paste the SAVE Method source code into the Overwrite Method and modify it as required.