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I’m going to explain on enhancements around BPF functionality

Let’s see how to implement

  1. BPF instance Creation for Future Objects
  2. $ based BPF Instance with multi-approvers for approval Process
  3. Allow BPF to work as work flow
  4. Approvals from Smart Phones/outlook box

Any planning object has go through the approval process in his life time, SAP has provided the concept of BPF to allow the users to submit and continue with sequence of steps as defined in the template.

Limitations – BPF Functionality:

  1. It will not allow users to create BPF instance on future objects in other words at the time of template definition either
    • Requires to maintain the template for an object
    • Or Parent object, If the definition is at parent level it will initiate for all Childs even the ones that are already  completed approval process or sequence of steps
  2. $ based BPF instance is not possible
  3. Work flow process ie. Once initiation users expects to approve or rejects but with standard functionality every step requires pre-submitter

BPF Instance Creation(for Newly Created planning objects):

  1. Create BPF Template with as many steps as required for the process
  2. Copy SAP delivered class CL_UJB_INST_MGR into Z class
  3. Enhance the method the following methods  to get the external parameter(Planning member ID and others ) values and value assignment to driver dimension
  1. Implement UJ_CUSTOM_LOGIC BAdi and call the method GENERATE_INST by passing all required parameter values
  2. Later call method ACTIVATE_INST to activate the instance generated above in step 4
  3. Call this custom logic BAdi using SAP Script
  4. Now to all users to create the BPF instance
    • Create DMP by using /CPMB/DEFAULT_FORMULAS process chain and call the script created above
    • For better look and feel  and user friendly you can provide web dynpro application for BPF initiation

I hope these steps help you to provide better solutions for your business scenarios.

I will explain on instance creation based on $ thresholds in the next part with multi-level approvals.

If you need any any further technical details on this you can reach me on

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Thanks for the information ..

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Hi Anjan,

Will this work with SAP BPC 10.1 Embedded model?
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