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Did you get the buzz yet?  I think this question is passé.  Pras introduced the product with a great blog and by now it is clear that BPC 10.1 NW is going to be the next step in SAP BPC product development.With general availability of BPC 10.1, it has been made clear what to expect in coming days. However, advent of embedded model has made life a bit confused for both consultant as well as companies who are not not clear which way to go about ?  Most of the companies are in "wait & watch" mode as 10.1 embedded is not still there. It will require few quarters and service packs for 10.1 embedded to have the edge over other options. This is also to do with SAP strategy to charge for additional license  for add on features.As explained in uwe.fischer separate license is required to make use of additional features in embedded model. This makes the decision much more difficult.The million dollar question is :- Which option to select ?

In this blog, I will try to list out the criteria based on which, we can decide which option to choose? The list may not be complete, but i have tried my best to cover all corners.At present there are following options to choose from:

  • BPC 10.1 Classic ( without HANA)
  • BPC 10.1 Classic( with HANA)
  • BPC 10.1 embedded( unified will be called as embedded)
  • Both Classic & Embedded in one server

In the figure below, i have tried to create a Venn diagram to list out all the basic features which  overlap among each other. As you can see, at present HANA is the only option which is common among the products available. The idea is to move  all standalone features from individual nodes into the common node.

Based on above features, i will try to list down each scenario and try to figure out which option is best suited for business. As you can see below, for each criteria i have reasoned the best and worst case scenario . For instance, for any consolidation related scenario, BPC 10.1 classic is best option to choose. Further, for  BPS/IP migration, moving to 10.1 unified model is much more efficient  as compared to other options available.


The list is not complete and and there are scenarios which are not yet listed.  Typical BPC implementation will have multiple scenarios and  consultants have to look at combination of scenarios to conclude which option to go for.

Based on above list, we can safely conclude that at present BPC 10.1 is an extension of BI-IP PAK. Current version of BPC 10.1 embedded alone is not enough to replace BPC NW . The best bet is to go for mix of both embedded and classic version.  Going forward, embedded will have full features of BPC ( including consolidations) and that's when true value of 10.1 will be unleashed.