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CC convergent charging is a product (previously, Highdeal) that was acquired by SAP in 2009 and integrated into other SAP products as part of the Offer To Cash  & Consume To Cash solution.

When it comes to managing revenue in today's businesses, convergent charging provides a powerful, flexible pricing model and charging solution that consolidates all service charges into a single invoice.

A powerful set of systems and user applications are used to profitably rate and bill millions of service consumption events in prepaid or postpaid environments.

Fast and low-cost integration (low TCO) of SAP Convergent Charging's modular design allows you to quickly deploy solutions and get an immediate return on your investment (rapid ROI).

When charging customers, SAP Convergent Charging provides pricing flexibility.

A charge in SAP Convergent Charging is a price that is charged to the customer as a result of a rating and charging event (or subscriber).

There are many different types of charges that SAP Convergent Charging can calculate, including one-time and usage-based charges.

SAP Convergent Charging has two main components: charging and rating.

Convergent Charging determines which customer account will be charged against based on charging.

A billing document's total amount to be charged is calculated using a rating system that focuses on the calculation mechanism.

Visual programming is possible thanks to SAP Convergent Charging's graphical user interface, which is part of the SAP BRIM solution

As a result, developing pricing offers and revenue sharing plans for various services is no longer constrained by functional or technical constraints.

SAP Convergent Charging in SAP BRIM is shown in the below Figure

Image courtesy: SAP
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