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Dear all,


We are using GRC system as central system for access request to users from different entities with different composite roles (The roles are created based on Business process and entity)


Approvals based on Functional area, Business Process and Company


Access request type: New


FI (Business Process) - XXXXXXXXXXXXXX (Composite role)-ABC Specific to Company/Entity-Approver A

FI (Business Process) - XXXXXXXXXXXXXX (Composite role)-DEF Specific to Company/Entity-Approver B


Approver Agent rule is based on business process, Functional area and Company in access request






Go to BRF+, select the application click on Activate button



Now close the BRF+

Go back to Generate MSMP Rule for process screen and re execute the same.

Now open tcode BRF+

Select the application, right click on it and select COPY




Click on COPY

Now Application ZAPPROVER_BP_FA101232 is available for us to use which is in inactive status



Now create decision table from application by right click on application




Click on create and Navigate to object


Now select the Result data object as GRFN_MW_T_AGENT_ID


Where T indicates for table


Now go to Condition columns select from context data objects from insert columns



Select Functional area,Business Process and Company


Click on OK




Click on Insert row   to provide values for table contents



Select Direct Input value for Function Area



Select the value from F4 (It will show the values which are maintained in SPRO)


SPRO>GRC>Access Controls>Role Management>Maintain Functional Areas





Function are can be anything it is just for identification of role in BRF+


We can define the companies in SPRO

SPRO>GRC>Access Controls>Role Management>Define Companies


Now the maintained functional areas will be appear in BRF+ to provide direct value input for functional area.



Select the functional area, relevant business process and company with required approver in USER ID field



Now check, Save and activate the decision table.


Now go to Function and select the decision table in Top Expression



Now check, Save and Activate the Function.

Function rule id will used in MSMP for agent rule to approve

  Rule ID: 40A8F0333BE91ED58F82621E018D40D7



Now approval will be triggered based selection of Business Process, Functional area and company (under user details) in access request



Hope this is useful if anyone has same/Similar kind of requirement.





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